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take pipe and drape wedding decoration for example

Using pipe and drape systems is a great way of decorating the wall, hall or stage backdrop for event. Below I take pipe and drape of the wedding decoration background suite for example.

When building wedding, you know the dimension of your venue, you work out with the height, length and width ( the wall or hall backdrop decorate), in this way you find the suitable pipes. Then you choose blackout drapes, a tip that the drapes between thin and thicker, which is 65% blackout, a little see through, also the cost is very economic.

RK is a romantic wedding background pipe and drape customization center, the pipe and drape manufacturer specializes in this field of event decoration for 17 years, with good quality and pretty competitive price. It has a variety of curtain rack shapes, which are suitable for various occasions, and different ones can show different effects.